From bone stockers to RcRoc's
We are back to the basic's offroaders!
We surround ourselves with our friends and familes and take the sport to personal extremes of each member.

Through the eyes of our cameras and our videos you will experience the passion for off road driving, you will share in our
excitement, but most of all you will be entertained by our members unique sense of play. This is not a sport for everyone, but
everyone should try it at least once.
We are people not much different than you that have come together in a common interest to have an awesome family offroad
experience. We will educate you on the sport, to be a conservationist for our environment and understand the Tread Lightly
policies. Travel to National, State and paid parks as a group. We have a very active membership and we elected to spend a
significant amount of time at a paid park known as
Rausch Creek Off Road Park which is located in PA. But don't be fooled,
we are very much into preserving our public lands too.
Our trail guides share both their knowledge and experience with the new members to ensure their safety on the trails, minimize
any potential damages and that you can enjoy your experience with this club. Collectively we foster a unique offroad
brotherhood and a strict code of conduct.
We look forward to your joyful experience with our club and your newly found friends .
Thanks for visiting us.

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